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About Us

Simplifying Technology

We feel that technology has too many options. So many people get overwhelmed with choices and often don't have the time or the budget to complete their goals.


UBTech was started to help solve this problem.


We offer easy-to-understand solutions for a monthly fee. This helps break up large implementations into smaller projects, allowing the customer to obtain goals quicker and be more affordable.

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Giving Back to Our Community

We believe that taking care of our community is important. That's why we've partnered with The Livin' Room, a volunteer service center located in Huntsville, AL. They provide meals, showers, haircuts, and more to those in need.

UBTech gives a percentage of its profits to local charities like The Livin' Room, including charities picked by our customers.

Providing Hope

UBTech's founder, Robert Ahlschlager, is passionate about serving his community, which is why it's one of the company's founding principles. By volunteering with local charities, he aims to make the lives of others easier and, hopefully, a little brighter too.

With the help of UBTech, he hopes to make the lives of customers easier when it comes to unraveling new technology. With a Bachelor's in Management Information Systems, Master's in Cyber Security and numerous Certifications, he has a wide range of expertise to help get you where you need.

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